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Pete's Favorites

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  1. RSS Demystified (powerpoint presentation on SlideShare)



  2. Magical Mystery Tour Blog (see sidebar for examples of how to display RSS feeds on a blog)  
  3.  Syndicating (re-displaying) rss content on your website


  4. RSS Feed Readers 


    •  Bloglines is a free and popular Feed Reader
    • Blogbridge is another great reader,  It's a downloaded application, but it syncs up on the web, so you can have it installed in multiple locations (Pete's Choice)
    • Google Reader is also very popular
    • Suprglu: Lets you read all favorite feeds as one webpage. 
    • SimplyHeadlines: delivers your RSS feeds to your email in the form of a daily newspaper!
    • PageFlakes: A "personalized start page" that let's you integrate RSS feeds with other information.  Designed to be used as your homepage.
    • Netvibes: Similar to PageFlakes, Netvibes describes itself as, "a customizable Web 2.0 home page/portal solution."  Lots of useful add-ons and widgets! 


  5. Sample Feeds to Play With 


  6. Subscribing to RSS feeds of 'tagged" items in Social Bookmarking sites is a great way to stay current on a variety of topics! 



  7. Other useful links 


  8. Contact Peter Bromberg 



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